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Luxor, the city of palaces, is one of the most famous cities of Ancient Egypt. At that time, the crocodiles of the Nile were revered as sacred animals. Luxor is both homage and interpretation of a luxury that is sustainable but with a wink.

Unmistakably, Luxor plays with the characteristic skin structure of the Nile crocodile. We transfer its archaic wildness with sustainable cardamia into an exciting look that first irritates and then enchants the viewer.

“The look of Luxor electrifies and sets opulent accents, especially in smaller rooms such as bathrooms and bars.”

Stefano, interior designer (bathrooms)

Allow yourself some grandeur.

Create your own exquisite spaces by implementing Luxor’s electrifying look.

Pick your individual
Luxor Style

Have your pick out of our different colors, sizes, and depths of Luxor. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us with the specific requirements for your project.


Color: Sea Salt White
Number: Luxor-001


Color: Quite Gray
Number: Luxor-H01B01


Color: Sharkskin
Number: Luxor-H2B1


Color: Blackened Pearl
Number: Luxor-H6B4


Color: Orchid Ice
Number: Luxor-M2B05


Color: Magenta Haze
Number: Luxor-M4B05


Color: Mecca Orange
Number: Luxor-R7B02

All Luxor wall panels are available in these specifications

product size package size PC/Box ㎡/Box kg/Box
2420×1200 2470x1250x14 2 5.8 26.1
2420×600 2470x650x20 4 5.8 26.1
2420×300 2470x350x25 8 5.8 26.1
1200×600 1220x620x35 8 5.76 25.9
1200×300 1220x320x45 16 5.76 25.9
600×300 620x320x65 32 5.76 25.9

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