Bamboo Weaving

How Bamboo Becomes even more Sustainable

In Asia, Africa, and South America, bamboo has been used for many centuries to build houses or furniture. Because Bamboo has many advantages as a material: It is sustainable, environmentally friendly, in addition to being robust and durable.


With cardamia Bamboo Weaving, you enjoy all these advantages of bamboo as well while, at the same time, avoiding some of its disadvantages. For example, bamboo is not weather resistant, is sensitive to warm, dry air, and is difficult to work with because bamboo tends to splinter. In contrast, cardamia Bamboo Weaving is completely resistant to breakage and splintering and can be used in all temperatures and humidity levels. Let the bamboo grow – and choose cardamia Bamboo Weaving.

“With cardamia Bamboo Weaving, I now have the option to use one of my favorite structures but in a more robust and durable version.”

Melanie, interior designer

All natural.

Use sustainable cardamia Bamboo Weaving panels wherever you want – and preserve nature by doing so.


Pick your individual
Bamboo Weaving Style

Have your pick out of our different colors, sizes, and depths of Bamboo Weaving. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us with the specific requirements for your project.

Bamboo Weaving

Color: Quite Gray
Number: Bamboo-Weaving-H01B01

Bamboo Weaving

Color: Agate Gray
Number: Bamboo-Weaving-H03C06

Bamboo Weaving

Color: Almondine
Number: Bamboo-Weaving-R3H03C6

Bamboo Weaving

Color: Ivory
Number: Bamboo-Weaving-W005

Bamboo Weaving

Color: Ivory Cream
Number: Bamboo-Weaving-W05

Bamboo Weaving

Color: Brown Patina
Number: Bamboo-Weaving-W5.6

All Bamboo Weaving wall panels are available in these specifications

product size package size PC/Box ㎡/Box kg/Box
2420×1200 2450x1250x14 2 5.8 26.1
2420×600 2450x650x25 4 5.8 26.1
2420×300  2450x350x40 8 5.8


1200×600 1250x650x20 8 5.76 25.9

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