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If you build, you know travertine: travertine is a soft limestone, which is sometimes confused with marble. In construction, travertine is used as a natural stone and for decoration. Its properties make it a building material frequently used historically: for example, the Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre church in Paris is made of Château-Landon travertine, or the columns of St. Peter’s Square in Rome are made of Roman travertine.

The cardamia travertine collection offers you different travertine expressions and compensates for some of the less advantageous material properties of travertine: Natural travertine scratches easily, while cardamia travertine, like all cardamia materials, is absolutely scratch resistant. The costly treatment of the material is also omitted with cardamia travertine. Handling is easy, the material is lighter – which also reduces transport costs. Thus, cardamia travertine can be used wherever travertine is classically used – and beyond.

“The pleasant and healthy indoor climate caused by cardamia Traverertino Venato is especially important in offices and other working spaces.”

Lynn, interior designer

All natural.

Use sustainable cardamia Travertine panels wherever you want – and preserve nature by doing so.

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Travertine Style

Have your pick out of our different colors, sizes, and depths of Travertine. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us with the specific requirements for your project.

Travertino Venato

Color: Sea Salt White
Number: Travertino-001

Travertino Venato

Color: Granada Sky
Number: Travertino-B6H06

Travertino Venato

Color: Pink Carnation
Number: Travertino-M03

Travertino Venato

Color: Pink Peacock
Number: Travertino-M4

Travertino Venato

Color: Moolint Ocean
Number: Travertino-H5B6

Travertino Venato

Color: Ivory
Number: Travertino-W005

Travertino Venato

Color: Ivory Cream
Number: Travertino-W05

All Travertino Venato wall panels are available in these specifications

product size package size PC/Box ㎡/Box kg/Box
2720×1200 2770x1250x14 2 6.52 29.3
2720×600 2770x650x25 4 6.52 29.3
2720×300 2770x350x40 8 6.52 29.3
1350×600 1370x620x65 12 9.72 43
1350×300 1370x620x65 24 9.72 43
900×600 920x620x80 19 10.26 43
900×300 920x620x80 38 10.26 43


Number: cliff-travertine

Rainprint Travertine

Number: rainprint-travertine

Light Grey Travertine

Number: light-grey-travertine

Volakas White Travertine

Number: volakas-white-travertine


Number: golden-travertine

All Travertine wall panels are available in these specifications

product size package size PC/Box ㎡/Box kg/Box
1200×600 1220x620x35 8 5.76 25.9
600×300 620x320x65 32 5.76 25.9

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