A Prehistoric Companion

Since the Stone Age, mankind has been using wood: for fire, weapons, tools – and of course as a building material. Even today, wood is still the all-purpose weapon in construction, so to speak. It is used for structural, insulating as well as cladding purposes – and of course, there are all kinds of uses from furniture to load-bearing timber structures. Wood is everywhere.

However, the use of wood also has disadvantages and sometimes even meets with criticism: Wood is sensitive to moisture and can become moldy or damaged by woodworms. And obviously, trees have to be felled to make use of wood – not a huge plus, considering environmental and climate protection criteria. cardamia Woodstone, on the other hand, gives you the real wood feeling – and, at the same time, it is non-combustible, has no natural pests, and is moisture absorbent. So protect trees – choose cardamia Woodstone.

“My aspiration is to find ever new ways of sustainable and eco-friendly interior design. cardamia Woodstone is one of these ways.”

Anna, interior designer

All natural.

Use sustainable cardamia Woodstone panels wherever you want – and preserve nature by doing so.

Pick your individual
Woodstone Style

Have your pick out of our different colors, sizes, and depths of Woodstone. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us with the specific requirements for your project.

tone_Bilder.png” alt=””>


Color: white oak
Number: Woodstone-01

tone_Bilder2.png” alt=””>


Color: white maple
Number: Woodstone-02

tone_Bilder3.png” alt=””>


Color: North American elm
Number: Woodstone-03

tone_Bilder4.png” alt=””>


Color: yellow elm
Number: Woodstone-04

tone_Bilder5.png” alt=””>


Color: mopane
Number: Woodstone-05

tone_Bilder6.png” alt=””>


Color: New Zealand pine
Number: Woodstone-06

All Woodstone wall panels are available in these specifications

product size package size PC/Box ㎡/Box kg/Box
2720×1200 2750x1250x14 2 6.52 29.3
2720×600 2750x650x20 4 6.52 29.3
1350×600 1370x620x36 6 4.86 22
1350×300 1370x320x65 12 4.86 22
900×300 920x320x80 16 4.32 19.4

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