Constant Motion

In none of Berlin’s districts is turning into the next little street as exciting as in Neukölln. A new bar, vintage store, or top restaurant opens here every week. And this state of current development is not over because: Our Neukölln style reflects this constant state of change – and provides an activating, lively atmosphere. Its tube structure shows constant motion and – suitable for a German city – order within.

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The basis of Neukölln is our tubes style. The curved and linear tiles can be arranged freely, thereby giving you freedom to create patterns according to your wishes. They provide a lively and at the same time orderly feeling. In its appearance, there is a hint of the Golden 1920s.

“At first sight, I fell in love with Neukkölln’s dynamic structure. Currently, I use it for the interiors of new apartment buildings to give them an individual touch.”

Dragan, interior designer

It’s all in the mix.

Create your own pattern mix by combining the Neukölln panels as you like.

Pick your individual
Neukölln Style

Have your pick out of our different colors, sizes, and depths of Neukölln. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us with the specific requirements for your project.


Color: Sea Salt White
Number: Neukölln-001


Color: Blonde
Number: Neukölln-G06


Color: Pink Carnation
Number: Neukölln-M4


Color: Brown Patina
Number: Neukölln-W5.6


Color: Almondine
Number: Neukölln-R3H03C6


Color: Crystal Seas
Number: Neukölln-B1.6


Color: Tropical Peach
Number: Neukölln-C06

All Neukölln wall panels are available in these specifications

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