Denmark’s Long Island

If you want to relax, most probably you think beach, and obviously you think Rømø. Rømø is Denmark’s number one destination to relax and recharge your batteries. The island on Denmark’s west coast is very long – and half of its length is beach. A secret tip on Rømø is Sønderstrand: In contrast to the beach at Lakolk, Sønderstrand (“South Beach”) is usually very empty. There you have a large area to yourself, you can do what you want, you’re not disturbing anyone and you are not disturbed.

Rømø, based on our sanddrift style, is a lot like Sønderstrand: It eminates peace and quiet – and lets you recharge your batteries. The wavy pattern provides a calm and pleasant atmosphere. Thus, it is adequately suited for anything from waiting rooms to meditation areas.

“The wave structure is such an innovative concept for interior design. Wherever I need a calming effect, Rømø is my go-to solution, at the moment.”

Jan, interior designer

Just relax.

Enjoy your own pattern mix completely at peace by using the Rømø panels as you like.

Pick your individual
Rømø Style

Have your pick out of our different colors, sizes, and depths of Rømø. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us with the specific requirements for your project.


Color: Sea Salt White
Number: Rømø-001


Color: Aqua Foam
Number: Rømø-G1H1


Color: Blonde
Number: Rømø-G06


Color: Pink Carnation
Number: Rømø-M4


Color: Quite Gray
Number: Rømø-H01B01


Color: Brown Patina
Number: Rømø-W5.6


Color: Almondine
Number: Rømø-R3H03C6


Color: Crystal Seas
Number: Rømø-B1.6


Color: Tropical Peach
Number: Rømø-C06

All Rømø wall panels are available in these specifications

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