cardamia: A Material Revolution

Think the New:
Unity of Nature
and Design

New Sustainability

New is the cardamia standard: Cutting edge design and technology meet natural materials to create something new: a material that is virtually unbreakable, suitable for indoors and outside – as well as healthy and sustainable. It is our contribution for a better future where technology and nature are not opposites. This makes cardamia nothing less than a revolution.

New Perspective on Nature and Design

To offer a new sustainable and modern design that gives people a sense of well-being. cardamia as a material combines ecological and economic advantages with iconic design. econic clay is a natural material that opens new future-oriented perspectives for urban living. Therefore, we act as an advocate for our planet and show with every activity how we protect the environment.

Think the New, Enable the New

How to create the New? Say goodbye to old paradigms. Be open and curious. In an everchanging world, these characteristics are everything when you are trying to find solutions for tomorrow. This is where we want to pitch in with cardamia: flexible rock slab will change how you think about interior design – as well as exteriors.

An Invitation to Create the New

At the centre of our activities, we envisage you: creative thinkers, architects, and designers who are creating new and unique experiences of space in order to value people in their urban living situations. cardamia offers optimal conditions for you creative workers. It is sustainable and recyclable, and the free designability of the material opens many possibilities for creating new designs.

Discover the New

Find out more about the material: what it consists of, what its properties are, and how to use it:

We cleared our minds and combined an ancient material, the knowledge of craftmanship with cutting edge technology to create cardamia, the new freedom in sustainable building.”

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